All development and manufacturing processes as well as the technical details were worked out and implemented based on a very close cooperation with car wash operators and their customers.

The drying performance, the system dimensions, the handling of the air guide lance, the material properties as well as the noise level are synonymous for the first and strongest AIRFFECT self-service dryer.

All development as well as manufacturing processes are carried out exclusively in Austria and Germany – that’s the base for our quality promise.

Positive granted patents prove the drying technology of AIRFFECT.

  • Stainless steel case

    Design and function secure the AIRFFECT technology inside.

  • Airflow technology

    The AIRFFECT drying lance handles 500 km/h air velocity
    and provides a broad drying field.

  • Airflow channel

    The air force is maintained without loss despite the long distance towards the drying surface.

  • Substructure

    Enables a firm stance and perfect heat dissipation.

  • Internal construction

    Built for durable AIRFFECT self-service drying.

  • Specifications

    Dimensions, standards and air velocity which distinguish the strongest drying system.



The AIRFFECT system is made of 100% stainless steel. The housing serves as a protective casing, which protects the inner workings such as the electronics, motor system and the air filter system from any weather influences.
The usage in urban areas as well as in the proximity to a residential area is not a problem. Due to the internal noise insulation, the sound level during drying is less than 55 dB at a distance of 4 meters.

The AIRFFECT system is 100% weatherproof. Weather conditions such as rain, snow, heat, cold, Sahara dust, or enormous air humidity have no negative influence due to the protective construction.

To ensure the required air volume, the AIRFFECT cover has a laser-cut air inlet and air outlet system that extends from the substructure to the internal air filter.
The air management system ensures proper drying operation even on very hot days without unnecessarily stressing the AIRFFECT system. It discharges the accumulating and heated air downwards through the air deflectors on the internal structure and out of the AIRFFECT cover to the outside.

A triple lock anchorage was designed for removing the coin container and performing low-maintenance measures such as replacing the filter, which can be opened and closed by a robust locking mechanism using a swivel lever. The closed system offers a high level of protection against burglary and/or vandalism.

The AIRFFECT self-service dryer is supplied as a ready-made system. Before starting the assembly, the power supply at the site has to be installed. The housing including the motor system and electronics is mounted on the floor with a 3-point fastening. The swivel arm is connected to the hose and the AIRFFECT air drying lance.

After connecting the 400 volt power supply, the assembly is completed and the AIRFFECT system is ready to use. After pressing the “start” button the drying process can be started. The assembly time is approx. 30-40 min. for two persons.

An electronic coin validator and an optional NFC module are available as AIRFFECT payment options. Electronic coin validator: All currency coins, as well as all types of different tokens, can be easily taught to the coin validator in a few seconds. A turnover reading option is integrated in the AIRFFECT system, so that you can read and document the exact turnover even without an NFC module.

The intuitive NFC module from NAYAX (Onyx Contactless Payments), which enables cashless payment, offers the following payment options: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, EMVCo, Discover, Twint and many more. You do not need an additional wi-fi access for the NFC module, the NFC module sends the billing data via integrated transmitter directly to NAYAX.

AIRFFECT does not receive any sales figures and your data security is 100% guaranteed. The coin validator and the NFC module are electronically connected to each other. Your individual accounting program shows the total and split turnover data in the form of cash as well as card payment at any time.



The AIRFFECT drying lance cannot be compared to a typical self-service vacuuming nozzle due to the differences in the enormously high force and heat of the air flows. Today’s high level in the field of air flow guidance is only possible due to a high level of technical know-how and a long series of prototypes and test phases. The air speed emitted reaches peak values of up to 534 km/h. The air speed required to achieve a perfect drying result is between 450 and 520 km/h. The enormous volume of air produced by a 7.5 kW side-channel compressor is essential for streak-free and, above all, deep-penetrating vehicle drying. The nozzle geometry heats the air to approx. 40°C. This is necessary to dry the vehicle even at low temperatures. As a result of the warm air, the surface tension on the surface being dried is similar to that at normal temperatures. The development, manufacturing and production processes are carried out exclusively in Germany. Final production takes place in Germany. Series production of the injection molded parts is also carried out in Germany. This means that they are produced by technical experts and assembled by them in the final production. The assembly time with two people is about 30-40 minutes.

The nozzle shells and the two handle shells are connected by stainless steel screws and an anti-rotation device. Plastic rails are fitted between the two nozzle grips to allow the two air guide shells to always move slightly. Without a specially designed rail construction, the enormous forces exerted by external influences, but also by the power of the AIRFFECT, would cause material cracks around the connecting structures. The construction of the rail prevents any material fatigue, guarantees absolute quality in the car wash area, and prevents air leakage from the connected cutting edges. The manufacturing quality of the AIRFFECT lance is far above the current quality standards in view of the enormous forces involved. Here too, we show our AIRFFECT partners the enormous quality of our product and our view of a long partnership.

The nozzle geometry concentrates the airflow entering the nozzle and converts it into a perfect air drying stream. The air jet hits the surface that is to be dried at high speed and with a drying width of 30 cm, ensuring the fastest drying of vehicles. The nozzle attachment, known as the nozzle lip, is made of stainless steel because only this material can hold the two nozzle shells securely at the calculated height of 5.05 mm. If the nozzle height were to increase by just a few millimeters, the drying performance would be greatly reduced. The nozzle lip has a silicone coating to prevent damage when it meets the surface. Scratches or other damage are not possible if the nozzle coating is intact.

The swivel, which is also manufactured using a steel tool, is a precision-fit component of the AIRFFECT drying lance. The swivel provides the user with perfect handling and is very robust despite the enormous forces involved and is an important component as a mounting connection between the hose guide and the AIRFFECT drying lance.


Airflow channel

The high-quality 4-metre hose is 60 mm in diameter and has a metal spiral underneath the plastic layer along its entire length. The elasticity ensures perfect handling. The metal spiral coating provides the necessary stability.

The fabric is tear-resistant and has a diameter of Ø70 mm (material thickness or layers). It protects the hose from the effects of the weather, especially UV rays, damage such as scratches or abrasion on all vehicle surfaces. The tensile force from the customer’s application is only transferred to the tear resistant hose cover, as it protects the air ducting underneath.

  • 100% Austrian-German manufacturing
  • 100% stainless steel
  • 360° swivel arm

The swivel has been designed for ease of assembly, but most importantly for long life. The AIRFFECT swivel only needs to be cleaned 1-2 times a year and is then fully functional again. The dimensions of the swivel arm, with a total height of 3,000 mm and a radius of 2,500 mm, were modelled on those of the self-service car wash, so that the vehicle caretaker hardly notices any difference to the self-service car wash during drying. This means that the hose never rests on the floor, eliminating 100% of the risk of damage to vehicles and the hose itself. Furthermore, the drying experience is perfect for the user as there is no need to tighten the hose.



During commissioning, the enormously powerful high-performance motor generates vibrations which are selectively dissipated into the ground by the shock absorber. This protective mechanism ensures that no vibrations are transmitted to the housing, electronic components or screw connections. Wear and tear is completely eliminated. Noise is also reduced by using shock absorbers to dissipate vibrations into the ground at specific points.

The total weight of 192 kg has been designed for a perfect balance and secure footing on the lowest part of the enclosure. A three-point mounting which ensures an easy assembly, but above all a safe and essential floor fixation.

The AIRFFECT dimensions have been obtained from extensive field studies, as we guarantee that the AIRFFECT will find its place on any self-service vacuuming island or self-service island. Even if a self-service system is already installed, such as a self-service vacuum cleaner, there is enough space for drying with an AIRFFECT. Of course, the AIRFFECT self-service dryer can also be installed anywhere else in the vicinity of a self-service car wash.



During the development phase, a wide range of air generators were used, such as leaf blowers, air compressors, high-capacity compressors, screw compressors and many others, to create the perfect air flow. After much testing, we decided to use a side-channel compressor, in conjunction with car wash operators and their customers. The required air volume and speed, combined with a technology that is not susceptible to wear and tear, showed the clear advantages of an SKV side channel blower. Starting with 3 kW and 4 kW side channel blowers, real drying applications showed that this drying capacity was too low. Based on further testing, a 7.5 kW side channel blower was found to be the perfect air source and the entire AIRFFECT technology was developed around it, bringing it to today’s high level. The AIRFFECT SKV is manufactured in Germany and has an impressive lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours when used correctly.

The top-mounted electronic cell can be extended on a rail system by means of a pull lever. The retractable cell ensures easy maintenance and/or cleaning. Due to the positioning of the electronics cell, the penetration of any liquid is almost impossible. Furthermore, the electronic cell consists of a dust- and splashproof cover. The electronics are also well protected against vandalism because they are not rigidly connected to the housing. The heat generated between the relays, as well as the additional external temperature, is separated from the electronics cell by means of a fan system.

The internal construction is based on a weight and force dissipating statics, which always guarantees the quality and stability of the AIRFFECT. The load effect of a total weight of 192 kg, the integrated 360-degree swivel arm as well as the force effect during the drying application require a sophisticated and stable statics. All influences such as weight, load, pressure, and tension on the entire system are diverted and distributed to the floor via the static, solid internal construction. This ensures the highest technological standards in the smallest space, with correct installation and without material fatigue.



The laser-cut passage filter is located on the housing and protects the internal construction from larger objects and thus prevents damage or operational failure of the AIRFFECT self-service dryer.

The main filter is in the optimum air intake area to maximize air intake. The air filter consists of a tight-fitting, multi-coated filter system and is protected by a metal guard construction. These filtration measures ensure a 100% clean air drying jet.

Once a year, the filter should be checked for damage or contamination to ensure the drying performance and longevity of the SKV. Thanks to the pull-out electronic cell, maintenance or a filter change can be carried out in a few minutes without special expertise.



  • L610xB570xH3.150mm
    System dimension

  • 360 degrees swiveling
    Swivel arm
  • 400V/32A
    Current type
  • 40°C
    Discharge temperature (5 min.)
  • L890–Ø 60MM
  • 190KG
    Total weight
  • 7,5KW
    Motor SKV

  • 500KM/H
    Air velocity

  • L4.000MM

  • 100% stainless steel

  • 67db
    Sound value (in 1.5 m)

  • Electric coin validator / NFC module
    Payment solution