When searching for AIRFFECT in this map, you will find turquoise location pins pointing the way to different of car wash parks, self-service car wash boxes and gas stations with self-service car washes. We see visionaries, problem solvers, but above all entrepreneurs, who have put their trust in us and with AIRFFECT complete the self-service car wash for the first time.

The honest and trustworthy cooperation with all our AIRFFECT partners is one of our biggest strengths. Our company’s high-quality standard is reflected in the AIRFFECT self-service dryer. After delivery of an AIRFFECT self-service dryer, we help establishing a marketing strategy, which is tailored to you as a partner and your car wash. This service is included in our offer when setting up an AIRFFECT at your location.

New AIRFFECT partners are immediately linked to all existing AIRFFECT algorithms and thus included in the AIRFFECT marketing network. As a partner you benefit from a continuously growing AIRFFECT community. Every social media posting as well as every post on Social Media not only strengthens the AIRFFECT brand, but also our AIRFFECT partners. Together with AIRFFECT, you are pioneers in the field of self-service drying.

Our AIRFFECT self-service dryer is not and was never intended to be a by-product. At AIRFFECT, we have perfected the self-service wash, with the goal of growing together with our partners, so that more and more vehicle caretakers dry using AIRFFECT every day.
The location map is continuously updated. We use this tool to promote our partners with their car wash or gas station locations: After gaining the interest of vehicle caretakers due to AIRFFECT advertising, they can use our location map to search for an AIRFFECT self-service dryer near their favorite car wash. If customers find a car wash park with an AIRFFECT self-service dryer close to their location, they most likely will complete their next car wash including drying at this location. AIRFFECT as well as our AIRFFECT partners have created awareness and interest and continue to do so with high-quality B2C content.
It is not just a location map with turquoise AIRFFECT location pins. Each pin represents a unique seal of approval that stands for quality, innovation, and a shared vision. Together we are creating a new way to wash and, in the end, dry the vehicle without touching it! We focus on fun and experience for our customers.