The idea

Why does a car wash dry vehicles at the end, but the self-service washing doesn’t?

Hello dear car wash operators, vehicle washers and other interested readers of AIRFFECT!
I am pleased to be able to give you an insight into the history of AIRFFECT, the most powerful and first ever self-service dryer.
In 2013/2014, I had already thought several times about how to ideally dry my car after a self-service car wash.
Truth be told, at the time when I got my driving license at the age of 17 – a few years ago now – and owned my first car, self-service car washes were hardly available.
If at all, they were only found at petrol stations, where they consisted of a box with a high-pressure cleaner.
Self-service wash products, not to mention a self-service air blower, simply did not exist and they definitely did not offer attractive design, LEDs, vending machines and the like!
I was never really satisfied after a self-service car wash because the car was never 100% clean and dry.
Residual water droplets, together with dust particles from the ambient air, left a film of dirt as they dried, which showed up as dirt stains.
For a while I used drying cloths or even dryblades to dry the paint. This type of self-service drying was quickly ruled out for me, as this type of vehicle drying was not satisfactory or comfortable, since it was always too time-consuming and tedious.
Besides that, grooves and crevices remained wet and what bothered me most were immediately visible scratches in the vehicle paint. And by the way, the wet wipes very often gave off a bad smell even after cleaning. So one thing led to another.
My brothers Thomas and Michael and I talked about the lack of such a non-contact, self-service drying system with air – like the ones available in car washes – and immediately started looking for one in the Vienna area.
By searching for information on various social media, we found out that many other customers were also very interested in such a self-service drying system! But since such a self-service product did not exist until then, some even tried to build one themselves, using hoovers,
leaf blowers or air compressors that were converted so that they could dry the wet vehicles to some extent.
However, there was no professional self-service drying device specially designed for self-service car washes.
Therefore, we immediately noted

that there was a big demand for
a self-service




The first prototype

Self-made, but nevertheless fun …

I am not the type to spend days thinking about a task, an obstacle or an idea. I live by the motto “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”!
Bernhard, one of my best friends, quickly fetched an air compressor from his workshop and we set about carrying out various tests.

The first test object was my twin brother Michael’s Audi A5. My brother’s best friend Matthias provided the electricity and the space. A handle, quickly turned from a drawer, was the first air nozzle.
A few holes in the drawer knob and a thread that my friend Dominik’s grandfather had turned in his workshop fitted like a glove. Because of the obvious functionality, another very good friend of mine, Christoph, who was studying at TGM at the time (today with a positive engineering degree – congratulations Christoph!), produced the first air nozzle using a 3D CAD programme based on my ideas and the drawer knob.

This was the first time I was immersed in the world of geometries, air flows, formulae and calculations of various kinds and technologies.
Little did I know that this would not only accompany the next seven years of my life, but would change it significantly.
You can see the first real attempt at drying in the photo or video with my brother Michael’s Audi A5!

A long way from today’s car wash solution,
but a giant step for me!

Michael, who is still responsible for most of the video and image material, shot his first AIRFFECT video here – at that time wel called it Airdryer.

I was not very enthusiastic about the drying result. The drying area was very small, the air compressor sprayed little oil splashes on the car’s paintwork, the compressor didn’t last long, and the car wasn’t optimally pre-cleaned. Nevertheless, we had fun because it was fascinating to see the water droplets disappear and a dry surface appear. Nevertheless, we had fun because
it was fascinating to see the water droplets disappear and a dry surface appear.



Innovation funding

A government innovation funding for a development with the TU Vienna.

The specially designed drying lance did not give satisfactory drying results, but it was still a lot of fun.
Therefore, I presented my idea of this type of car drying, especially for the car wash market at petrol stations, car washes, car preparation companies and for private individuals, to a state funding institute.
A state grant of €10,000 was awarded, which I used in conjunction with the Technical University of Vienna to further develop the idea. The result was a special nozzle attachment for air compressors with an integrated and replaceable air filter.
With the CAD data and some application tests, this was the first step towards the first patent application in 2015. I quickly realized that a professional, high performance product that stands out from the competition requires much more than “just an idea” and some “small changes”.
After countless discussions with various manufacturers in the industrial sector – petrol stations, car washes, manufacturers of industrial products, entrepreneurs from various sectors – one thing became clear to me: a large investment sum and endurance would be required.

Endurance has never been a problem for me, thanks to my parents – father Norbert and mother Regina.
We were raised with ambition and the will to achieve our goals. My father trained us in sports for several years until he prepared and trained us for the police service. Our mother kept the family together and quietly showed her stamina. She worked 40 hours a week, raised three children, ran the household,

and still attended every football match and almost every training session to support us. Thanks to my parents.



The search for investors

When an investor turns into a partner

After countless personal contacts with potential investors who showed serious interest in me and my idea, I decided to go with Michael F. Simoncic immediately after meeting him.

On 13 October 2015, I received an invitation from Michael F. Simoncic via Facebook, which meant a significant change in my life! Mr. Simoncic,

himself a car enthusiast and Ferrari Challenge Driver with numerous victories, immediately recognized my vision and, as an entrepreneur, the absolute added value for car washes and their customers. as an entrepreneur, the absolute added value for car washes and their customers.

The principle of Mr. Simoncic, shortly before the notarial signature of the investment in 2016, was:
“When we work together, it is always with great honesty and 100% quality, so that we can always leave with our heads held high”!
Mr. Simoncic is a thoroughbred entrepreneur, which is not only evident in his success, but also in the strength of his team, from which I still benefit and learn every day. Many thanks to his children Michael and Victoria Simoncic, Mrs. Ibl “Accounting”, Mr. Lenzenweger “Finances” and Mr. Wagner “Taxes and everything else that came up”.



Founding of the company

IWP AIRDRYER GmbH is born …

IWP AIRDRYER GmbH has been a part of my life from now until its name change. Some people have supported me from day one onwards. One of them is Fritz Masopust, who I met through my partner Nadine and who was largely responsible for the design marketing until the beginning of 2021/2022.
He has done many design and font changes as well as an unimaginable number of text and word changes professionally. Thanks for your support, Fritz. From the first logo design (see “airdryer” blue logo) until today, he is always ready to help when needed. Thank you for your help and confidence.


January – February

Market research, studies, and design

Our vision was clear, but does the market need such a product?

Does the customer need such a product?
Does the car wash operator need such a product?
What should it look like?
What should it feel like?
What technical requirements does it need?
How much should it cost?
How loud can such a product be?

Various market research in 2016 and 2017 (studies proven), as well as verifiable experience of AIRFFECT (in practical use) from 2018-2023, show the added value of AIRFFECT for every country at this time.

Today we have developed the perfect solution for your self-service car wash and are looking forward to welcoming new AIRFFECT partners.



KTM Technologies know-how meets a vision “It’s not just air”.

“It’s not just air”. For the first time in the history of KTM Technologies, it is being developed for another third-party product!

After the research phase, it was technology’s turn. You’re probably wondering: what technology? It’s basically an upside-down self-service vacuum cleaner, right?
Even when I started working with KTM Technologies, I expressed my thoughts to the KTM engineers in the first conversation as follows:
“Such a system won’t be a problem for you”, thinking that “You are KTM” and “It’s just air”!

Project manager Matthias Rawa replied: “Mr Pasching, whether we are developing a motorcycle, a racing car or a drying system, perfectionism comes from research, calculations, tests and a long development cycle.
We develop the best and most powerful self-service drying system for car washes, petrol stations and customers based on flow geometries, air flow measurements, countless test phases with different air generators, our know-how in air flow technology, which we apply in the nozzle area, coupled with your vision”.
I will never forget that goose bump moment in the KTM Technology meeting room! Especially knowing that our vision is being implemented by such professionals and visionaries.

Development steps of KTM technology “February 2016 – January 2017”:

  • – Purchase of various air generators, such as electric leaf blowers, gasoline powered leaf blowers, screw compressors, air compressors of various strengths, centrifugal fans, heat wave systems, ultrasonic heaters, jet engines and much more.
  • Based on internal tests and the production of eight different self-service drying systems, the side channel compressor has emerged as the perfect air generator system due to performance, pressure volume, power consumption and susceptibility to wear.
  • Starting with weak systems, such as 2.2 – 3.5 – 4 kW side channel blowers, these presented an air jet that moved water droplets on the vehicle surface but could not achieve perfect drying performance. In particular, the 3.5 and 4 kW side channel compressor motor systems showed a corresponding drying pattern at first glance.
    For this reason, 4-week test phases were carried out at car wash parks under real conditions. Result: The self-service customers found the basic idea of self-service drying very good, but the drying performance was unsatisfactory.
  • THE FUN FACTOR is simply not present in self-service drying systems with less than 7.5 kW, the lack of air volume and the lack of air speed resulted in a drying picture that was too poor.
  • How do you guarantee the fun factor for customers?
    • The product must create a WOW effect on first use; this can only be achieved with sufficient power of 7.5 kW.
    • – The handling must be perfectly tailored to the customer.
    • As early as 2016, we as AIRFFECT recognized that design also plays an important role in the form of attractive colors, patterns, and edges.

All the other air generator systems mentioned – especially the side channel compressor with 3 kW and 4 kW – were sufficient at first glance, but in the end studies showed that they were too weak for a recurring customer who wants to dry his car satisfactorily. If he doesn’t come back, you won’t make any additional sales.
The AIRFFECT self-service dryer is the strongest and best SB drying system!
How can we say that?
We have built all possible technological variants of self-service drying systems and tested them in real-life field studies.
The sales with the prototype AIRFFECT self-service dryers, which had a lower air outlet speed and volume flow, were 92% lower than with the current and continuously developed AIRFFECT self-service dryer.



KISKA design, ideation, handling = AIRFFECT

As early as 2016, we said to ourselves that car wash operators and their customers also deserve a beautiful design and a pleasant feel …

The market wants it, the technology is ready, now it needs a visual and tactile first impression that customers and car wash operators will remember.
Many people ask us why we invest so much time, budget, and ambition in the wellbeing of car wash operators and their customers.
The answer: .
AIRFFECT has never been developed as a by-product, the production quality with the extensive patents, as well as the trademark rights (pos. granted) with the development of a social media brand, is to show our appreciation to the car wash operators and their customers
They are not customers, they are partners.
For us, handling, feel and attractive design have been synonymous with developing technology that works perfectly.
Once again, the handling of the self-service drying system, the dimensions of the housing, the dimensions of the drying lance and the operation of the controls were tested by car ash operators and customers and implemented by AIRFFECT, which resulted in the most important points:

  • The drying lance has a length of X cm to ensure easy and comfortable drying on the roof and underneath the vehicle.
  • The integrated swivel arm mirrors the self-service wash bay with its gyroscopic system. It should be noted that AIRFFECT’s integrated swivel arm can serve two locations and that the specially manufactured swivel joint is low-maintenance and low-wear.
    Perfect drying is guaranteed at any point on the vehicle without the hose touching the floor.
  • The slanted top of the cabinet ensures that the control panel is easy to read and prevents fruit juices or other drinks from being placed on the top, which could seriously contaminate the cabinet if it tips over.
  • The drying lance has a 50m2 drying area, which is necessary for fast drying so that the car wash operator can use the self-service dryer again and again.
  • The “conical” shape of the rear wall of the cabinet is hardly noticeable to the untrained eye; it only becomes relevant when photos or videos (marketing) are taken and posted. The AIRFFECT looks powerful, boosting your social media account – your car wash.
  • – The AIRFFECT cabinet has been designed to be very compact, with priority number one being that the AIRFFECT can be placed on any self-service island. Even if a self-service vacuum cleaner (of any brand) is available, the AIRFFECT can and should be mounted there. Of course, this also means that the AIRFFECT can be placed anywhere else.

Now we have perfectly functioning technology, an attractive design and handling tailored to the market because it was developed by and with vehicle care professionals.
The goal is an attractive logo, a brand that will become the seal for the completion of the self-service washing.



In the halls of BMW Vienna

The first public presentation, an assessment by the professionals in the washing industry …

BMW Vienna provided us with their premises for the first public presentation of AIRFFECT. Shortly before the public presentation, we were also able to use the car delivery hall for two days for our first product video. Miles away from today’s production quality, it was still an important learning phase as we eagerly awaited the feedback from the invited car wash operators and vehicle detailers.
The opinion on self-service car drying was mixed at the time, but today we can call many of the guests AIRFFECT partners.
After the presentation at BMW Vienna, I met a car wash operator who immediately recognized the potential of self-service drying. A joint test phase with an AIRFFECT prototype, still without an integrated swivel arm, without a coin validator, let alone an NFC module, took place a few weeks later at their car wash.



Final test phase for market assessment

Two-week long-term test phase, what is the self-service drying worth to customers?

A two-week real-world trial showed a data-supported positive attitude of customers towards self-service drying. The perception of the self-service washers regarding their willingness to pay for self-service drying was increasingly emphasized. (Statistics “Click”)
This two-week test phase was a milestone for AIRFFECT. Experience that could be used and implemented for the upcoming series production.
For me, Andreas Pasching, it was an unbelievably great event – one of the most important to date – because my partner Michael F. Simoncic’s daughter Victoria and son Michael and his wife supported me during the entire test phase, thus strengthening my back.
On the last day of the test phase, 30 July 2017, my birthday, Michael F. Simoncic personally came to the car wash.
Following the more than positive experience, the next steps for series production and possible sales channels were discussed on the spot.



AIRFFECT series production

From prototype to prototype to prototype to 0 series system.

Series production is about to start and again only 100% quality will leave the AIRFFECT factory.
Through our German production partner MAFO Systemtechnik, I would like to thank Simon Birnbacher, Project Management, and Michael Janietz, who played a key role in the development of AIRFFECT, for their support and trusting partnership.
I would also like to thank Thaddäus Jell from About JELL, who, together with his team from the plastics development department, has been and still is instrumental in the development of the AIRFFECT drying lance.
Between January 2018 and October 2019, six different prototypes underwent long-term tests as well as weather tests in a cold-heat chamber at a technical university in Germany.
We have prepared for the highest and lowest temperatures and high humidity, so that the self-service dryer can always provide our partners full performance without interruption.
The AIRFFECT self-service dryer is not a product, it is a solution for car washes, self-service petrol stations and customers.



15x AIRFFECT self-service dryer
1st series delivery

6 years ago an idea, 5 years ago a vision, 4 years ago a mission …

… today marks the beginning of a significant change in self-service car washes. Im März 2020 wurde der erste serienreife AIRFFECT SB-Trockner in Österreich, Wr. Neudorf at an OMV petrol station. The serial number AIRF1SBT20 received a one-off OMV branding – here we tested our flexibility in different production areas, which was already possible without any problems. No further branding was carried out because the car washes preferred an AIRFFECT branded self-service dryer to one with a different color.

The installation of the first AIRFFECT was completed together with our partner KSW Industrieanlagenbau, some photos were taken for postings full of enthusiasm and pride.
Then I received a call from Hannes Abraham, Österreich TopWash OMV, that all car washes had to be officially closed down due to COVID 19.

For many this would be a huge setback – but not for us, as we had already prepared the next locations of the first AIRFFECT partners – and could therefore calmly create a marketing concept for the respective locations.

A personal word from me, Andreas Pasching, addressed

to Michael Skolnik and Hannes Abraham, Hans Brinn, Günther Kruse, Claudia Augsberger, the Kreuzmayr family and in
particular Marc Leikam, Oskar Kreuzmayr, Maximilian Mandl and Bernhard Mandl,
Matthias Hartenberger, Theobald Humbert.

Dear AIRFFECT partners from the first second!

You put your trust in me and recognized the vision and possibilities of AIRFFECT.
I would like to thank you for the friendly and fair partnership, for your support at the beginning of the AIRFFECT journey and I am looking forward to a very long partnership.

You are an important part of the AIRFFECT success story.

Thank you very much!




49x AIRFFECT self-service dryer

Experiences and results show a significant increase in demand for AIRFFECT self-service drying.

This year, with the delivery of 49 AIRFFECTs, we were able to implement what we learned from 2020. The optimal positioning of the AIRFFECT self-service dryer for a guaranteed increase in sales, the internal design for easier access for service and maintenance, as well as the construction and assembly plan have been simplified and adapted.

1. The optimal positioning is on the side in the middle next to the AIRFFECT self-service dryer. Floor markings are an advantage for customers to better understand the product and process.

2. In the best case scenario, the self-service dryer is placed close to the self-service wash bays so that a customer can see another one drying during the wash. This removes any fear of contact and allows the AIRFFECT to be used without hesitation.

3. Our marketing on all social media channels is constantly being developed and extended to give our AIRFFECT partners a wider reach,
just by posting #airffect #sbtrockner. So far the reach is increasing day by day
and the feedback from our partners is very good.

4. Marketing plans, installation and electrical plans, user manuals and all other AIRFFECT documents have been updated.



Preparation for European sales network | 61x AIRFFECT self-service dryer

Uniti Expo trade fair, presentation at IGSBW Mr. Brinn and Mr. Humbert, restructuring of the marketing set-up, reinforcement through a CSO European sales network

Uniti Expo 2022 (picture)

The first show at the UNITI Expo in Stuttgart was a great success. I was able to meet many great people and was visited by many AIRFFECT partners. For the first time, interested parties were able to see the structure, technology, and statics of the AIRFFECT self-service dryer; the reaction to the technology, quality and handling was positive throughout. We would like to thank Raphael Wolpert and Dominik Gress, Wakratec, for their unbelievable support at the exhibition.

Presentation at the IGSBW Mr. Brinn and Mr. Humbert

I had a very good experience when I was invited to speak at the IGSBW Annual Conference. In front of about 100 wash park operators from the IGSBW association. I presented the AIRFFECT system – we were able to welcome 7 AIRFFECT partners to our community.

Marketing transformation

The complete renovation of the AIRFFECT marketing presence started on December 5. Photos, campaigns, videos, texts, social media, and news blogs have been brought to a new level for our AIRFFECT partners.

We have tried to make all the experiences of the last three years available to our AIRFFECT partners for free and to use them according to their own needs. We have also created a private member area for AIRFFECT partners where you can save and download documents, marketing content, invoices, and other information free of charge. The new web shop in the members area is also privately accessible only to AIRFFECT partners.

The Dyson for self-service washing

You already know the vision of AIRFFECT, and once again we have opted for 100% quality when building an international distribution network.
With the help of Mrs. Schrögenauer and the company ….. (link), we were looking for a professional with experience in sales development who could also get started.

“I’m just getting warmed up” click on this link (Introduction of the CSO of AIRFFECT)



Much happened


In 2023, we rebuilt the entire online company structure for our partners as well as the internal company structure.
After a long but successful search, we hired a sales director and strengthened our back office and sales teams.

Start of rollout in Europe