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AIRFFECT is the most powerful and first self-service dryer for car washes, self-service car washes, car detailers and petrol stations with self-service car washes. For the first time, it is possible to dry your vehicle gently and without contact after a self-service wash. An air outlet speed of 500 km/h ensures a perfect drying result and pushes all water droplets and tiny water particles away from the surface to be dried. The AIRFFECT SB drying system offers car care professionals an experience and car wash operators the opportunity to stand out from the competition for the first time. AIRFFECT is developed and manufactured exclusively in Austria and Germany. Granted patents underline the high-quality standards. AIRFFECT will complete the self-service wash with self-service drying.

Drying after a car wash is the most important step, because if a car is not dried, there will be a large number of water droplets on the surface of the car and in all the gaps and crevices. The smallest particles of dust from the ambient air adhere to the water droplets. When these water droplets dry on a vehicle’s surface, a film of dirt consisting of limescale and dust particles forms. With the AIRFFECT SB dryer, you can blow all the water droplets off the surface in less than 6 minutes, leaving your car shining. Compared to drying with a cloth, the drying time is significantly reduced and a scratch-free drying result is guaranteed.

A cheaper system that does not offer car care workers a “wow effect” because the drying performance is too low and the handling is not tailored to the car care professional will not be any fun for car washers. Studies show that if a person (in this case a vehicle maintenance worker) does not enjoy using a self-service device, he will not use this product a second time. For this reason, a car wash operator will not generate sufficient sales for the product to pay for itself. The AIRFFECT self-service dryer guarantees that a vehicle care worker will experience a “WoW effect” for the first time when he feels the enormous power when pressing the start button. After the car care professional has used the AIRFFECT System 1-2, the fun factor comes into the foreground, as the drying result is absolutely streak-free and scratch-free and the quick and scratch-free drying offers absolute added value. CONCLUSION: The drying performance, the drying surface, the handling of the drying lance, the integrated swivel boom, the attractive design and the internal construction for maintenance options were not determined solely by AIRFFECT. AIRFFECT listened to the most important people, the car wash operators and vehicle maintenance workers, and implemented their specifications and wishes in the form of the first and most powerful self-service dryer. The AIRFFECT SB dryer is not only accepted by vehicle care staff, it is immediately integrated as part of vehicle care, meaning that self-service washing is no longer possible without drying with an AIRFFECT.

You can find the price for an AIRFFECT self-service dryer in our AIRFOLGS calculator. The AIRFFECT self-service dryer was never manufactured as a by-product, AIRFFECT will be an indispensable solution for vehicle washing for car wash operators and their vehicle maintenance staff. AIRFFECT is not a product, it is an investment in your car wash and your carers.

(3D image with dimensions etc. + flags (LEO Camillo) The entire AIRFFECT technology is housed in a very compact stainless steel housing. This ensures that the AIRFFECT self-service dryer can be placed on any existing SB vacuum island, even if there is already a self-service-vacuum cleaner and a street lamp or trash can. Of course, the AIRFFECT self-service dryer can also be installed in any other free space. It is important that every free space in a car wash park is used. This means that your vehicle washers can benefit from a comprehensive and, above all, innovative offer to fall back on.

3D instructional video? Maybe write the steps. WRITE OUT THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE VIDEO. Before drying your vehicle, a proper self-service wash is a must. If you use all the wash programmes in a self-service car wash, go through them step by step. The easiest, fastest and scratch-free drying is only possible with an AIRFFECT self-service dryer.

  • Place your vehicle on its side, in the middle next to the AIRFFECT
  • Use the existing NFC module and/or electronic coin validator
  • Remove the lance from the holder and grasp it with your hands.
  • Press the start button to start the drying system
  • Always keep the air outlet nozzle parallel at a distance of 7cm from the surface to be dried.
  • Using the air flow of the associated air wall, push all the water droplets from top to bottom and from left to right or right to left.
  • If you are drying the roof first, move the water drops from your side to the opposite side.
  • Do not make circular movements.
  • Dry side mirrors, number plates, floor mats, grooves and other small parts.
  • Hang up the drying lance again when drying is complete.

AIRFFECT is delivered as a closed and finished drying system. The motor system is already integrated into the system and included in the purchase price.

You need a 400V power connection that drives a 7.5 side channel blower. The 7.5 KW side channel compressor is powered with a “soft starter” integrated into the electronics cell. This is important due to the high voltage when starting the AIRFFECT. The soft starter causes the motor system to start up with less power, so energy consumption is well below normal.

The 7.5 KW high-performance dryer is needed because several field studies under real conditions showed that with a lower drying performance, the washers would not use the self-service drying system again. For this reason, the concentrated know-how of KTM Technologies was combined with the vision of AIRFFECT. The costs incurred during drying are very low due to a “soft starter” which keeps the starting current as low as possible. Furthermore, the turnover compared to electricity costs is many times higher.

Drying in a car wash varies very little from manufacturer to manufacturer because the different technologies are mature, but the process is the same due to the rigid components, such as the drying bar. With innovative manufacturers, a rigid component can adapt to the surface using sensor technology. This gives the washer a much better wash result. However, due to the individuality of each car wash and the more precise washing process, whether it is high-pressure cleaning, a foam cleaner such as “Snowfoam”, a brush wash, a final rinse or self-service drying, a self-service car wash has the advantage that the car wash operator can influence the washing result – the washing experience is always a success. Some car wash operators who do not have self-service bays already set up AIRFFECT self-service dryers for their valets after the wash. The familiar areas that are a “thorn in the side” of car washes, such as number plates, fuel caps, electric charging caps, side mirrors, headlights, fender grooves and emblems, can be dried by the car wash staff in a matter of seconds. Das Wascherlebnis wird somit ausgeweitet und stark angehoben.The wash experience is thus extended and greatly enhanced.

The best vehicle drying is one that can be carried out quickly and without contact. The fun factor is the top priority here, AIRFFECT self-service dryer offers powerful, high-performance drying at 500km/h for the first time.

Motorcyclists can set off again within 1-2 minutes after the self-service wash. The enormous air volume of the AIRFFECT self-service dryer immediately penetrates even the smallest part of the motorcycle, pushing away every moisture and every drop. The driver display in the cockpit, brake discs, motorcycle seat and the smallest gaps are dried in just a few minutes so that the motorcyclist can quickly continue driving again.

The extremely high drying performance is sufficient due to the air volume flow to blow away any moisture and dripping after the engine has been washed. Even remaining foam residues in even the smallest grooves and corners, which are located deep in the engine compartment and can lead to sticky or other dirt, are blown away and ensure streak-free drying.

The AIRFFECT partners, i.e. the car wash operators and/or gas stations with a self-service car wash, are independently responsible for pricing as entrepreneurs. AIRFFECT only passes on the experiences of the vehicle maintainers; AIRFFECT pays attention to the community of vehicle enthusiasts so that they have fun and are satisfied.


Wash park operators are responsible for economic measures themselves.
However, the AIRFFECT drying system is not a product, it is a solution that is the ultimate solution for self-service laundry. Because of a new experience for your vehicle care staff, you will be able to attract and retain new customers.

AIRFFECT recommends applying to your own bank, as this is often the cheaper way. We are available to support our partners and of course also the respective leasing bank and the lessor at any time.

On March 1st, 2020, the AIRFFECT drying system with the serial number AIRF4SBT20 was set up in Austria, Fischamend at Waschpark XY. The AIRFFECT system of the 1st batch was subjected to an expert opinion on March 27, 2023 after 3 years of operation and a number of 7823 drying units.
No damage, material fatigue or other weaknesses around electronics, statics or moving parts such as swivel joints could be identified and documented. This speaks for an extraordinarily long-life cycle, which has always been the focus of AIRFFECT during development and production and will not change.

The AIRFFECT founder Andreas Pasching has made it his mission to ensure that AIRFFECT partners not only receive a product, but also a high-quality, long-lasting solution for their car wash park.
The AIRFFECT self-service drying system was developed and produced with little maintenance and almost no wear. The high-quality materials and professional production staff demonstrate the quality of the self-service dryer as well as the value of our AIRFFECT partners.

A self-service drying system may only be set up outside the self-service washing boxes, otherwise the following self-service laundry workers would go to another wash park due to excessive waiting times. Therefore, the AIRFFECT drying system is 100% weatherproof. Snow, water, rain and enormous heat cannot affect the extremely robust system. Usability is 100% guaranteed in summer and winter, the electronics and filters are above the air intake.

Comprehensive documentation, test reports, noise measurements, etc. prove that it is used correctly, even in urban areas. A noise level of 61 db is not achieved; at a distance of 4 meters from the AIRFFECT, the value is below 55 db, i.e. below street noise. Yes, you can also set up the AIRFFECT system in the city area.

The AIRFFECT self-service dryer is started with a soft starter.
The so-called “soft start” is the measure that allows a usually larger electric motor to start up with low power so that the network is not overloaded.

Components are ordered and stored well in advance because the satisfaction of AIRFFECT partners always has the highest priority. Our partnership only begins after delivery of the AIRFFECT self-service dryer.

Operating instructions and an EC declaration of conformity have existed since 2019 and are always adapted to the necessary formal requirements if necessary. In 2019, managing director Andreas Pasching signed the proper EC declaration of conformity and thus issued a CE mark. See member area (account), last version 2022. Info: no differences between 2020 and 2023!

The AIRFFECT drying system is already used at many gas stations with self-service car washes. For the first time, you have the opportunity to stand out from a self-service car wash.

An electronic coin validator that recognizes tokens and coins of any kind, as well as an “optional” NFC payment module, are installed. Both payment modules can be ordered together or separately. The NFC module’s software program recognizes all types of cashless payment such as credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and much more.

The electronic coin acceptor is very easy to reprogram.
The NFC module does not require its own WiFi connection, it runs via SIM card, i.e. autonomously.

On the AIRFFECT self-service dryer with NFC module, the data records can be read at any time using an APP. A report is also sent to the operator every month.

AIRFFECT without NFC module has installed a small sales counter in the electronics box with which the value can be read.

AIRFFECT currently delivers to all European countries, inquiries from other countries such as the USA, England and others are very welcome.

The delivery arrives within 3-4 working days.

The access door offers a very high level of protection against burglary and vandalism due to a triangular lock and the robust stainless steel housing.

Despite the enormous performance, handling was always a priority for vehicle washers; the application was modeled on that of self-service washing. The recoil of the air, the length of the drying lance and the integrated swivel arm offer a familiar and beautiful experience.

After washing a convertible in a self-service laundry, the only option is to let the vehicle (roof) air dry.

Here too, dust and dirt particles stick to the wet convertible surface,
which leaves a film of dirt as it dries.

The high-performance motor generates a very high air volume flow and a high flow speed. The extremely important air volume, which ensures streak-free drying, must be maintained over a calculated distance from the air generator to the drying lance. To ensure that no counter pressure is created in the strongest self-service dryer, which would massively weaken the drying performance, a hose inner diameter of 60mm is required.

The combination of water and electricity poses a certain potential for danger in many everyday situations. Despite all this, washing an electric vehicle is safe and possible. Therefore, drying an e-vehicle or e-bike is possible.

During development and countless test phases, in addition to the washing experience and the need for the operator, the vehicle care staff also paid attention to the various surface structures.
The air jet cannot damage vehicle films, clear coats, license plates, emblems, or other parts if they are in proper condition, as the air jet has a lower density than the SB water jet and this has been verifiably tested.

The hose protector was developed to protect against scratches, especially abrasion marks on the silicone hose. When used correctly, the hose does not scratch vehicle surfaces.

If used correctly, i.e. if drying is carried out with a minimum distance of 7-10cm, no scratches can occur.

For AIRFFECT, supporting its partners is not only important, but also the ultimate goal. Car wash operators deserve a great product with high quality that offers a solution and optimal support.
You give everything for your customers, AIRFFECT gives everything for you. AIRFFECT supports its partners in all questions; outside of telephone hours, partners can solve almost all questions themselves by searching for them in the member area.


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