Drying in a car wash varies very little from manufacturer to manufacturer because the different technologies are mature, but the process is the same due to the rigid components, such as the drying bar. With innovative manufacturers, a rigid component can adapt to the surface using sensor technology. This gives the washer a much better wash result. However, due to the individuality of each car wash and the more precise washing process, whether it is high-pressure cleaning, a foam cleaner such as “Snowfoam”, a brush wash, a final rinse or self-service drying, a self-service car wash has the advantage that the car wash operator can influence the washing result – the washing experience is always a success. Some car wash operators who do not have self-service bays already set up AIRFFECT self-service dryers for their valets after the wash. The familiar areas that are a “thorn in the side” of car washes, such as number plates, fuel caps, electric charging caps, side mirrors, headlights, fender grooves and emblems, can be dried by the car wash staff in a matter of seconds. Das Wascherlebnis wird somit ausgeweitet und stark angehoben.The wash experience is thus extended and greatly enhanced.