A cheaper system that does not offer car care workers a “wow effect” because the drying performance is too low and the handling is not tailored to the car care professional will not be any fun for car washers. Studies show that if a person (in this case a vehicle maintenance worker) does not enjoy using a self-service device, he will not use this product a second time. For this reason, a car wash operator will not generate sufficient sales for the product to pay for itself. The AIRFFECT self-service dryer guarantees that a vehicle care worker will experience a “WoW effect” for the first time when he feels the enormous power when pressing the start button. After the car care professional has used the AIRFFECT System 1-2, the fun factor comes into the foreground, as the drying result is absolutely streak-free and scratch-free and the quick and scratch-free drying offers absolute added value. CONCLUSION: The drying performance, the drying surface, the handling of the drying lance, the integrated swivel boom, the attractive design and the internal construction for maintenance options were not determined solely by AIRFFECT. AIRFFECT listened to the most important people, the car wash operators and vehicle maintenance workers, and implemented their specifications and wishes in the form of the first and most powerful self-service dryer. The AIRFFECT SB dryer is not only accepted by vehicle care staff, it is immediately integrated as part of vehicle care, meaning that self-service washing is no longer possible without drying with an AIRFFECT.